Friday, September 22, 2017

Pick Up "Glossier" // NYC Showroom

Made a purchase for the "Glossier" product at their showroom in Soho NYC. So happy that I finally get around to Glossier showroom. First able the staff there was so nice and friendly. 
I already now what I want to get because I already saw lot's of their product from their website and youtube. But I want to make sure my purchase after I try it.
Here we are my pick up from Glossier. I only bought two product, because I don't want to waste my money to buy product that I don't really need right now. So I end it up came out the showroom with ①Glossier Serum "Super Bounce" and ②Glossier Stretch Concealer in "Medium". Also, I got the sample size of Milky Jelly Cleanser that everyone talk about.

My kind of Review for the product :
①Glossier Serum "Super Bounce"
Good Things:
-moisturize the skin 
-for super dry skin maybe better to use the "Super Glow"

Bad Things:
-little amount of product

②Glossier Stretch Concealer in "Medium"
Good Things:
-the color is perfect for me
-even out the skin tone
-good for gym or everyday when don't want to wear lots of makeup
-personally love for run some errands

Bad Things:
-low coverage

③Milky Jelly Cleanser "Sample Size"
Good Things:
-soft & gentle
-instantly know your skin feel soft

Bad Things:
-not work for remove make up

Here's if you interest and want it to try,
I have 10% off for your first purchase at "Glossier".
Just click from the link bellow:

The Enter Board of "Glossier" Showroom in NYC
Inside NYC showroom
My "Pink" bag & Glossier sticker
They also gave me the "Milky Jelly" Cleanser sample:)


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NYC Pre Fall Outfit // The Ultimate Ralph Lauren Slip Dress

Decided to separate the post for my outfit in New York. This is the part 1 of it. Still can get over the city vibe from New York City even now. I feel like even tho I'm already back to Japan but my heart still there. That's just how much I love NYC.

About my first outfit there, This is one of my favorite. NYC already a little bit chilly when I was there but thank god I brought my trusty leather Jacket that I thrifted long long time ago when I was in high school. ow ya I need to tell you all of the clothing item that I wear are thrifted, so if you want some of the pieces you might need to dig your local thrift shop near you or looking at some of high street shop that you like. I just want to share that you can create your style or inspired from other but still in your budget. These days we have lot's of good thrift shop and if you don't want to wear used clothing, you can find something in H&M, Forever21, Zara (when they have sale only) or other fast fashion brand. 
My the only one tips, when you buy something in fast fashion brand try to find something that looks more expensive than the real price or also you can mix it with a good stuff that you already have in your closet. That way you can just easily put together outfit without looks good but not over budget.

Under my leather jacket I had floral blouse that I also thrifted in Kyoto. I'm in love with the pattern and also the neck detailing that feels like 70's. And I'm mix it with my "Ultimate"Ralph Lauren" slip dress, I got it at a vintage shop in Korea. I just instantly in love when I first saw it. I think this kind of clothing item will stay timeless for me and since it is no sleeve dress, I can mix it with any kind of top that I already have it and just style it all year around. Mix the dress with NIKE sneakers and just good to go for an "Effortless Edge" look.

Outfit Detail:
Leather Jacket: Thrifted in Kyoto
Blouse: Thrifted in Kyoto
Slip Dress: Ralph Lauren (Vintage shop in Korea)
Sunglass: Ray Ban
Earrings: Mexican market
Shoulder Bag: FOREVER21
(I put the link for something similar)
Tote Bag: INOBUN
(I put the link for something similar)
Sneakers: NIKE

Hope you feel inspired :)


Sunday, September 17, 2017

My New York Haul

  My second trip to New York, this time I stayed for a week and my schedule quit busy there. So I thought I will have no time to shopping around and look for what I want it, but at the end I was still can manage to get what I want it. I just love everything that I got and want it to share with you.
All the product quit random from beauty, skincare, make up, fashion, snacks and more. So I thought to make a video that I show all goods. Actually in this video I forget to mention candles that I bought at "Henri Bendel" store in 5th avenue, so I will put the pictures of it bellow.
Also for the video I am still learning, please forgive me for the editing :)

Candles detail:
✴︎Just want to tell you that both of them smell so good. I already had the vanilla bean from my first trip to New York and since I love it so much I bought it again to stock up my candle for fall/winter.
Vanilla Bean (sweet but in a good way)
Jasmine (smell exactly like jasmine, the floral scent just perfect)


Hope you enjoy it
let me know your favorite product :)
Also let me know if you have recommendation for beauty, skincare,
make up, fashion or lifestyle goods.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Happy Vibe // Korea, Seoul

This trip happened as my little sister 20th birthday present
 from me & my mom.
Very first trip to Korea for all of us, and we're just so exited.
This is all the picture from our trip, I just want to share 
the "Happy Vibe" that we get in there.
We met a lot of good people there, highly recommended 
to visit Korea.
Already aboard
Our lovely guest house 
(Highly recommended the access was easy 
and the service was so good)
Only 10min from Myeong-Dong Station.
Delicious Lunch
Located in Myeong-Dong
Gyeongbokgung Palace
We able to see "Royal Guard Changing Ceremony"
If you wan to see it, make sure to check the ceremony time.
The design of the palace was so beautiful.
I love the color that they used.
Shopping + eat dinner at Namdaemun Market

Myeong-Dong Area
Stylenanda "Pink Hotel" Shop
in Myeong-Dong
Deoksugung Palace
Lotte Mart
(Perfect for Korean food & snacks shopping)
Located in Seoul Station.
Namsangol Hanok Village
We did experience the traditional Korean dress

She is the one who put together the traditional outfit.
love her, she's so sweet.
Korean Grilled Dinner in Namdaemun
Seoul Tower from our guest house
(Last Night in Korea)

(Time to back home)
Ready to back home
Arrived in Japan
At home and finally met my little bam bam

 Thankful for all the experience that we get
hopely go back again someday.
For all of you that still thinking for your next destination.
highly recommended to visit Korea.

Hope you enjoy it