Saturday, June 29, 2013

Completely Summer


 It's been pretty hot in Japan ... Completely Summer everybody ! Summer come that's mean a lot of fun thing will be come yeah ... summer holiday, beach day, fireworks, festival etc. OMG I'm already exited hehe
A few of my bestfriends and I just already did fireworks after school, so much fun and we're make surprised one of our bestfriend "Takaomi" cause that day was his Birthday he's turn 20th :)
this weekend I went out with my lovely mommy, if you see on a pic she's really cute. She's turn back to her childhood haha...
ow, my gray T-shirt that have stripes and polkadot pattern It's my go to summer T-shirt from UniQlo. I got it a few weeks ago and i love it so much.
Have a nice weekend :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is the very famous painter from Mexico. she's painting all about her life. Not just that she's fashion icon too. Lots of her style have colorful taste, big jewerly, and of couse the floral head.
her style really inspired for a lot of people in the world, and I'm one of them hehe
She was really beautiful and still is one of the most revolutionary and influential women in modern culture. she have individual wardrope taste, accessorising with ribbons, full skirts, and loose peasant blouses embroidered with vividly coloured flowers which is absolutely bohemian style.
 Inspired style

Friday, June 21, 2013



Shirt: Vintage, Short: No brand, Cardigan: No brand, Bag: Vintage, shoes: Crocs,
This is my adventure last week with my bestfriends (INPA) .... We're took to many photo last week I just can't decided which one to post. So today's post is full of photo of my friends and I hehe.. please excuse us ^^
We're went to Eigamura where is the place that usually use for making Japanese movie. We're so excited and had so much fun there ... actually lots of Ninja & Samurai there ups.. just kidding ! we did lots of crazy things just felt like turn back to our childhood.
Anyway I was wear really comfy clothes, cause It's summer in Japan and the bad thing that day was rainy so I didn't want wear something that not make me comfortable right ....
I just love the shirt that I wear in pic. cause it's really colorful and It's perfect for summer time. Glad I got it in thrift shop !
ow, one more fav thing is my bag. i got it in thrift shop too ... the price was reall cheap and event I got it in thrift shop It's still like brand new. oo my gosh, now I know how much I love thrift shop hehe
Don't forget to tell me your adventure :)
Happy Friday ♡










Sunday, June 9, 2013

Here I Am

Jacket: Vintage, Tshirt: No brand, skirt: H&M, jewelry: Free people, H&M, Vintage, Watch: Swatch.

Hi everyone... Long time no see! I really sorry that I'm not post anything in a while. I've been strict schedule this few weeks so I don't have time to doin my blog. But today I was hangout with a few of my bestfriends so I thought I'm gonna show what I wear to you guys.. Actually I thing it's already summer in Japan cause the temperature is really hottt! Ok, my obsession right now is just a plainTshirt like what I wear on pic. Today, I wear orange one but I have little collections of plain Tshirt. Hehe.. Ow and one more thing my military jacket it's my all time favorite :) so what your obsession right know ??
                                                                       Happy Sunday :)