Monday, February 29, 2016

Cambodia Trip (Food) #2

 CAMBODIAN Soup Noodle

 of course "coffee"
 lot's of fruits

 Traditional food
 Mango for breakfast
Kenitha Boutique Villa Breakfast

 Speaking of food, if you see my INSTAGRAM (yudira) you know I super love food. When I am traveling I really looking for local food, which is represent their country. 
Cambodian food is pretty spicy and a lot of Harbs but that is what a good about. What I love the most about Cambodia is they have fruits with spicy source that I call "Rujak2 in Indonesia. I love "Rujak" so much, even the taste of the spicy source is a little bit different than indonesian taste. 
I found that I really love hove Cambodian people served coffee, they already put the condensed milk to the coffee so the taste is super perfect. So I really looking forward to make coffee with that method.
 One thing that you need to be careful when you eat or drink something in Cambodia. Do not drink something that have a ice and drink juice that mix with water. Because my friend get stomach sick when we were get back home. But if you confident that your stomach is strong like me, please try and enjoy to eat what ever you want. #FoodLover


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cambodia Trip #1

 I am dreaming about travel around the world since I was teenager. I used to scary to got in to the  airplane alone, but after I know what is traveling about I more confident and exited to get in to the airplane. For me travel is about experiences that you can not buy with money and that experience can only happen one time in your life. Event if you came to the same place over and over, you not going to experience the same thing like you did last time. Travel become one of my important thing to do in my life. After you travel you can get new energy that you never experience before and that's make you learn more about life, environment, people,culture ,differences, food,etc. When you see, hear, and smell something knew for you that's is when you grow more wiser to the yourself and the world.
 In January I decided to go to Cambodia which is the places that have a lot of world heritage temple. Almost every single day I ride TUKTUK to get around. I went to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, The Bayon Temple, Tha prohm, Baphuon, Being Mealea Temple. All of this temple are stay for years and years until now which is so crazy and so beautiful to saw something that people made when I was still never exist. To make it some temple still like when they made it are difficult, it is a lot of work for make it happen. Really appreciate for all the work and the vibe of the temple, which is really made me calm and feel peace. This is my story of traveling which is what I love to do.