Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cosmos Park / Make A Change

Me truly being myself

After almost more than 6 month not blogging I just feel this is truly not my self.
Not because I do not love what I am doing now, but it's just because I realize I live my life only once and I don't want to regret all my of life in the end of the day. Maybe I am not really good at make  some interesting blog post or maybe I am still not good enough at my work but beside all of those things I know that I love fashion, travel, plant/flowers, food, music, movie, English, Indonesian, Japanese, photograph,etc. So I don't want my work take all my life.

 Yesterday me & my family went to flower park in Osaka. we went there because we thought the season already start going to winter. So this is our last chance to see the beautiful colorful flowers.
went there and take some picture, having a good time. 
And I start realize why am I need to avoid for being my self ?
So I decided to run through all the things that I love & not avoid it. First, I decided to make a blog once a week and I hope I can consistent doing it. second, I want to start doing what I love and related to fashion or travel. Even though I don't really have time in weekday to do something that I love. But I am just want to trying not waste my life time.

I knew my family and my close friends always supportive.

Photograph by Ani&Yudira