Saturday, December 31, 2016

Holiday Outfit/Fashion

Dress: Lily Brown, Jacket, Bag & Scarf: Vintage, Earrings: No brand, Sneakers: Puma Suede Classic

Coat, Sweater, Scarf & Bag: Vintage, Jeans: Monki, Sneakers:Puma Suede Classic 

Coat: GU, Dress & Earrings: H&M, Choker: Lowrys Farm, Bag: Vintage, 

Hi Guys! 
Since it is holiday seasons in the world, let me introduce to you my version of holiday outfit/ fashion ideas. I keep it pretty simple and easy to move because you know when the holiday come you will eat a lot hehe....
Also, all the outfit featured it with my favorite Puma Suede Classic Sneakers which is super comfortable to walk in all day.

First Outfit, is a midi dress so you will keep warm even in the middle of winter. the dress is from Lily Brown which is my favorite store right now. So check that out. They have so many vintage kind of style which I love. I love mix the girly things with a tomboyish things. So I mix it with bomber Jacket that I thrifted. 
My point for second outfit is my coat that I thrifted not so long ago. This coat is so warm and the color is make winter brighter than usual. Because in a winter you usually pick the warmer color like black, gray, navy, etc. So I though since it is holiday seasons you need one or two color to make you more bright and happy.
The third one is one of my favorite outfit. it is really simple you just need nice printed pattern dress, a simple black coat and a red lipstick and you will good to go. 
For you guys in the cold weather like me this is perfect for you but for you guys in the tropical weather this might too hot for you, so you can always change it with not wearing a thighs & jacket, change the dress into non sleeves dress or whatever tropical print dress too. 
Fashion is all about mix & match your style with the weather or mood so explore your style and don't be shy to pull you style to the world.
Maybe you can use this kind of outfit idea for new years eve, let me know which one is your favorite outfit.

Happy New Year 
Happy Holiday


Friday, December 23, 2016

Drug Store Haul

 Kate White Base Marcara
 Canmake Bronzer
 Maybeline Concealer
 Orbis Whitening Dark Spot
Shiseido Rose Water Moisture Mist 

Hi Guys! I am sorry I've been super busy recently with work so I can not keep up my blog post for about 2 weeks. So I just thought that I can do two or three more blog post before new year because I will have new year break for about a week so I can do more to my blog.
Recently I went to drug store to by 1 specific thing and end it up with 5 things at one .... 
that's the problem, so I just thought that I can do a small drug store haul today.
So the first thing, Base mascara from Kate which is my all time favorite. Make your lashes super long and full .
The second thing, Bronzer from Canmake not just only for bronze your face to get a nice glowy tropical skin but also you can use it as eyeshadow too. That's what I use all the time and also I use it as transition eyeshadow too.
The third thing, Dark circle concealer from Maybeline maybe all of you who love makeup already know about this concealer, since it is so popular in youtube and almost all social media. But in Japan so so difficult to find it in the store so this time I just went around the drugstore as usual and I can not believe they have it. So I need to get it and after I use it for a week I love it so much it really easy to apply and it is so bendable and smooth. I am glad that I bought it.
The fourth thing, Whitening dark spot gel and essence from Orbis. Actually Orbis is not drugstore product but since I bought it in the same day, I put it anyway. So recently I just concern about my dark spot in my face so decided to try some dark spot whitening product. I only use it for about a week now, so I do not know yet is it really work or not... 
The last thing,  Rose water moisture mist from Shiseido. I was no expecting to by this product at all but recently it is so dry in Japan because we already in a winter season, also even at work we use warm air con so make my face so so dry... and I already thought that I need some moisture mist that I can put it in my back and bring it everywhere. So this is soo perfect for me. the smell is also a plus because make me calm and relax. 
If you life in Japan or you have a plan to visit Japan you should try all this product, but in Japan we have more and more drug store/ skin care product that really worth to buy.

Happy Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Lookbook

Sweater: SLY, Dress: ZARA, Leather Jacket & Bag: Vintage, Sneakers: Adidas , Sunglass : No brand

The rare outfit of the day hehe

Leather Jacket, Sweater & Bag: Vintage, Jeans: Forever21

Jacket & Bag: Vintage, Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Esperanza Ginza, Choker: No brand

 Hi guys! I am sorry last week I can not post anything,
But this wee I am back with a cookbook for the month of November. Actually since I work full time, 
I can not wear the outfit that really in weekday because I need to wear a suit. So I don't have that much outfit. But I just thought I still want to share it anyways. 
 The first outfit, One of my favorite .. I know it's a bit in a girly side but sometimes I am in a girly mood... The sneaker made the outfit not too much girly and the balance of girly and sneakers just perfect. The point is make the girly outfit effort less outfit, so you not look too much.
 The second one, This is my super duper rare outfit hehe. I just wore it for about an hour because 
I want to try the Cosplay Goal kart in Osaka area. So I end it up look like this in the end of the day.
Fashion is something fun, so you can wear anything!
 The Third one, the casual outfit. The leather jacket is of course my favorite piece of clothing in November, because the weather is start cold but you still don't need big chunky coat. I recommended to invest a nice leather jacket and you just good to go for the next 10 years. because that leather jacket I had since high school, so it's already about 7 or 8 years ago but still look the same as I bought it back then. Also I bought it in thrift shop so it's already a vintage piece. In my opinion leather jacket can make you super cool even you only wear T-shirt and Jeans. That's how much I love my leather jacket.
 The last one, the nice weather day outfit when I can wear tights and the weather is not that cold, so you can look a tinny little bit sexy than any other day when the weather is super cold and you want to wear dresses but you can ....
Thank god the weather is pretty warm that day, so I decided to wore pretty much black and green dress. I think all black made the green dress stand out and looks so beautiful. My advise if you have bright crazy color, wear all black and make the crazy color piece not look so so crazy but beautiful.
 That's all my outfit idea/ lookbook /advise. oo ya also do not forget to smile, because smile is the best accessories ever.



Friday, November 18, 2016

Cozy Autumn/Winter Night Routine

Cozy Autumn/Winter Night Routine

Baby Oil
Face Mask

 Hi guys! This time I want to share my Fall/Winter Night time routine,This is all about my relax mood at home.I love to stay cozy during fall and winter time. cozy, keep warm and comfort are my key for my everyday nigh routing in this time of the year.

 The first thing I do when I home from work is take a shower and wash of tiredness and then put on cozy pajamas and socks. Actually I can live in pajamas and socks forever can deny the comfort.
For skin care routine, I cleans my face with baby oil and sometimes when I am feeling super dry or I need it, I use face mask too but unfortunately it is super duper rare. Because I don' t really have time for pamper myself everyday... I usually just moisturize my face and done hehe.
The next thing I do obviously eat dinner and watch Youtube or TV with my cozy blanket if I have a time. But If I don't have any time just dry my hair as quick as possible. 
During Fall and Winter time I love to make a hot drink before bed like Jasmine tea or just any regular tea with non caffein. 
And then back to my room, burn some candle that I live from Henri Bendel. Turn off the main light and sometimes reading whatever book that I currently read.
After I start work I try to sleep as early as possible but for now I am trying to sleep before 12p.m. just trying to stay healthy.

 That's kind of my everyday night routine during this cold seasons. I know it's difficult to balance between work and private time because after you work basically you don't really have time, so I want to know whats' your routine for make yourself relax after hectic work.
Comment down bellow :)


Friday, November 11, 2016

Hokkaido I Am In Love

Unkai Terrace View
Tomita Farm
Perfect refreshing view
Another lovely farm pic
Blue water pond
Unkai Terrace entrance
Inside the Gondola
On the road
Driving around
Our car for two days in Hokkaido
The view from my hotel room
MinaMina Beach
It was already 1 celsius in October.
Pumpkin Season
Welcome drink
Happy face waiting the food
Chicken Curry Soup
Chocolate banana waffles
Free coffee
Nice walk with yellow and red leafs.
Lavender Farm

Hi Guys! Last month I had nice a week break, so I thought I need some refresh trip to set my mind.
I went to Hokkaido ”TOMAMU"which is the most beautiful places I had been in Japan. 
The nature though soo beautiful and I can take it. Truly I just thought to live here but after thinking about the snow and cold .... you know I am an "Island Girl" I can't take too much cold. So I better travel and I am sure I will go back again. Because I can get enough of this view.
 From Airport I decided to take rent can for strolling around to Tomamu. I had so much fun and I love it so much to drove around hokkaido. No traffic and event if there is any traffic in Hokkaido I can take it because wherever you go yo will see the goodness of the nature.
Also for the food lover like me, Hokkaido is perfecto. There is many variety of food you can try here.
The last pic is the view from my hotel room (Hoshino Resort Tomamu) and I am so lucky to get this  view. Also the hotel facility is super complete. you can find beach and mountain in the same place how perfect is that. Anyways this is my highlight of the Hokkaido Trip. what's yours. I love to see it.