Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Lookbook

Sweater: SLY, Dress: ZARA, Leather Jacket & Bag: Vintage, Sneakers: Adidas , Sunglass : No brand

The rare outfit of the day hehe

Leather Jacket, Sweater & Bag: Vintage, Jeans: Forever21

Jacket & Bag: Vintage, Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Esperanza Ginza, Choker: No brand

 Hi guys! I am sorry last week I can not post anything,
But this wee I am back with a cookbook for the month of November. Actually since I work full time, 
I can not wear the outfit that really in weekday because I need to wear a suit. So I don't have that much outfit. But I just thought I still want to share it anyways. 
 The first outfit, One of my favorite .. I know it's a bit in a girly side but sometimes I am in a girly mood... The sneaker made the outfit not too much girly and the balance of girly and sneakers just perfect. The point is make the girly outfit effort less outfit, so you not look too much.
 The second one, This is my super duper rare outfit hehe. I just wore it for about an hour because 
I want to try the Cosplay Goal kart in Osaka area. So I end it up look like this in the end of the day.
Fashion is something fun, so you can wear anything!
 The Third one, the casual outfit. The leather jacket is of course my favorite piece of clothing in November, because the weather is start cold but you still don't need big chunky coat. I recommended to invest a nice leather jacket and you just good to go for the next 10 years. because that leather jacket I had since high school, so it's already about 7 or 8 years ago but still look the same as I bought it back then. Also I bought it in thrift shop so it's already a vintage piece. In my opinion leather jacket can make you super cool even you only wear T-shirt and Jeans. That's how much I love my leather jacket.
 The last one, the nice weather day outfit when I can wear tights and the weather is not that cold, so you can look a tinny little bit sexy than any other day when the weather is super cold and you want to wear dresses but you can ....
Thank god the weather is pretty warm that day, so I decided to wore pretty much black and green dress. I think all black made the green dress stand out and looks so beautiful. My advise if you have bright crazy color, wear all black and make the crazy color piece not look so so crazy but beautiful.
 That's all my outfit idea/ lookbook /advise. oo ya also do not forget to smile, because smile is the best accessories ever.



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