Friday, December 23, 2016

Drug Store Haul

 Kate White Base Marcara
 Canmake Bronzer
 Maybeline Concealer
 Orbis Whitening Dark Spot
Shiseido Rose Water Moisture Mist 

Hi Guys! I am sorry I've been super busy recently with work so I can not keep up my blog post for about 2 weeks. So I just thought that I can do two or three more blog post before new year because I will have new year break for about a week so I can do more to my blog.
Recently I went to drug store to by 1 specific thing and end it up with 5 things at one .... 
that's the problem, so I just thought that I can do a small drug store haul today.
So the first thing, Base mascara from Kate which is my all time favorite. Make your lashes super long and full .
The second thing, Bronzer from Canmake not just only for bronze your face to get a nice glowy tropical skin but also you can use it as eyeshadow too. That's what I use all the time and also I use it as transition eyeshadow too.
The third thing, Dark circle concealer from Maybeline maybe all of you who love makeup already know about this concealer, since it is so popular in youtube and almost all social media. But in Japan so so difficult to find it in the store so this time I just went around the drugstore as usual and I can not believe they have it. So I need to get it and after I use it for a week I love it so much it really easy to apply and it is so bendable and smooth. I am glad that I bought it.
The fourth thing, Whitening dark spot gel and essence from Orbis. Actually Orbis is not drugstore product but since I bought it in the same day, I put it anyway. So recently I just concern about my dark spot in my face so decided to try some dark spot whitening product. I only use it for about a week now, so I do not know yet is it really work or not... 
The last thing,  Rose water moisture mist from Shiseido. I was no expecting to by this product at all but recently it is so dry in Japan because we already in a winter season, also even at work we use warm air con so make my face so so dry... and I already thought that I need some moisture mist that I can put it in my back and bring it everywhere. So this is soo perfect for me. the smell is also a plus because make me calm and relax. 
If you life in Japan or you have a plan to visit Japan you should try all this product, but in Japan we have more and more drug store/ skin care product that really worth to buy.

Happy Christmas Eve

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