Friday, December 22, 2017


Enjoyed Christmas market for day 18. It's so "Festive"
Also I do gift exchange with my boyfriend, this year we decided to buy something that we both really wanted. So we purchase it together. Let me know how you exchange your gift with your family, lover & friends :)

Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Enjoy my day off kind of day :)


VLOGMAS! Day 4-8

Just Decided to not do VLOGMAS! every single day, since I have full-time job when I work I just go to work and back home. So I thought it's so boring to film the same kind of things every single day. I will upload the vlog whenever I have fun content for VLOGMAS! so you will fun to watch it too. I hope you understand. And enjoy VLOGMAS! Day 4-8. Thank you.


VLOGMAS! Day 3 // Lazy Day

I am sorry about the delay, but here we are the VLOGMAS! Day 3. 
Hope you enjoy it and 
don't forget to let me know what do you think.
Thank you :)


Friday, December 1, 2017


This year I decided to do VLOGMAS! It's so exciting... I never do this and don't know what's going to happen, also I don't know if I will have interesting video because I do work and there are time that I only go to work and back home. But I am doing it for fun and motivation for me to make a video, so I hope you enjoy to watch it. About the uploading I will do my best to upload every single day as I can. But just keep it in mind sometimes I will put some days into one video. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what do you think about my very first VLOGMAS! ever. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fall/Winter Mini Collective Haul

All the link for the haul is in the youtube description box, so if you want it, don't forget to check it out. I am so happy with my purchases this Fall / Winter. I might bought a little more to add into my closet, so if I do I will do another haul. Don't forget to subscribe, so you don't miss my video. I Hope you enjoy it. If you have any video or blog post request, please let me know.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Little Fall / Winter Black Dress

Outfit Detail:
Dress: Lilly Brown (Last winter collection)
Jacket: Thrifted
Bag: Lattice in Kyoto
Shoes: Nike
Sunglass: Ray Ban
Earrings: Retro Girl
Necklace: Church in Paris

My little black dress that I adore so much. This is from last year collection but still love it and I definitely can style it every year. This kind of pieces never gonna out of style, even tho the trend always change. Love the detailing on the bottom of the dress, a little of skin will show and that makes it unique than other dress.
Always love styling an outfit since high school and I know it will always be. Through styling I can be more confident and show my personality. This is one of my styling pieces for Fall/Winter.
In this style I mix the black dress with sneakers, cause I don't like something that too girly or something that too boyish. Also the bomber jacket make the dress tone down too, from the girly side and then even it out into my kind of style. "Black Dress" always needed in everyone closet. you can style it casual like I do. Or wear it for party, event, wedding, etc and will always make everyone looks put together. For the jewelry I've been loving gold jewelry. It match my engagement ring and make the outfit look so chic. You know black and gold always a classic pieces & color. 


Vlog! Family Day in Osaka + What's In My Bag

New on my youtube channel! Another Vlog! of my day and also what's in my bag included in there. So check out, subscribe & comment it. It mean so so much for me. I started make a youtube video because I want to more open about myself, so for you that see my blog & video on youtube can have more conversation so I can more close to you all. Also I want share my lifestyle more, so I thought video is a good content to share it & you all will know my personality more through a video.
It's been so challenging for me to film a video & edit it, because I know nothing about filming & editing. But slowly I learn a lot, and I can say that I love try new things. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy to make it.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vlog! Shiga Trip

This is new experience for me! I started my Youtube channel a few month ago and here's my very first vlog. We're plan this little trip to celebrate our 4 years anniversary. I know the editing is not perfect, but I quit happy with it. I hope you like it too. If you like this type of the video, please let me know. I would love to make more and share a day in my life. I would love to hear your comment.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Silky Shirt // SOTD

It's might be the last time I saw beautiful blooming cosmos flowers before we hit winter in Japan. Went to cosmos flowers field in early October, the weather still nice even tho in the morning & night it's already a little bit chilly. That day just decided to wear something comfy but still put together & kind of keep me warm when the weather change. I had this "Silky Shirt" for such a long time, and can't remember when I bought it. But when you touch it you will feel the silky material, that so soft in the skin and a little bit cold touch when you start to wear it. It's a little bit cold when the silk  touch your skin but the silk material it's quite warm material, once you wear it. Like I said I had the shirt for years but I recently love to wear it again. Sometimes you need to shopping at your closet and you might find something good inside your closet. This style is simple, casual & effortless. But I think it's still put together and the red lip make every outfit good. it's just perfect for fall weather. If I layer it up I think I can wear it in winter too. So right now I'm just looking for silky fashion item everywhere I go. If you have any recommendation for silky fashion item, please let me know. By the way SOTD comes from"Style Of The Day", I guess there will more SOTD blog post from me.
Here's the outfit details, all the things kind of old so if I can't find it I will find something similar and link it bellow.

Outfit Detail:
Silky Shirt: Forever21
(Something similar from H&M)
Navy Jeans: Sens of the place
(Something similar from H&M)
Shoes: AEON
(Something similar from ASOS)
Shoulder Bag: Lattice
(Something similar from Forever21)
Tote Bag: Whole Food
(They don't sale it online so here's from Forever21)
Red Little Scarf: Thrifted
(Something similar from H&M)
Sunglass: Ray Ban
Earrings: H&M
(Something similar from H&M)
Necklace: Vintage from Paris
(Something similar from H&M)
Watch: Casio



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

September Favorites

I know it's already mid October, but I just want it to still post about my September Favorite. Because I had quite view stuff to show you what I've been like to use. I have beauty, fashion, & accessories stuff to show you. This things for beauty stuff I wear it for every single day. For the fashion & accessories stuff I use it wherever I had  a chance to go out from home. So let me explain what I like about it. See the details bellow. Also in this post I only put the specific picture of the product & clothes, but if you want it to see picture that I wear it check out my INSTAGRAM.

1) Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
This cleanser is really good. I bought a travel size so it's already empty right now. I definitely want it to go back and buy it again & again. So recommended & make my face so soft. 

2) Embryolisse
This moisturizer is from France. And this is recommended by Valeria from Youtube. It smell so so good. And can use for baby and men too, so you know it safe for every skin type.

3) Glossier Super Bounce Serum
It is good for dry skin and I can tell that the serum immediately shooting into my skin. wear it everyday & almost hit the bottom. Unfortunetly they don't ship to Japan yet, so I need to switch with something else and wait until they ship to Japan to buy it again.

4) Tree Hut Sea Sugar Scrub
Bought it in local super market that had contract with Walmart from USA. So they had a little corner of USA product. This is natural sugar scrub with Brazilian Nuts in it. Smell so sweet & like caramel. I use it once a week or in a special occasion. Made my skin smell good & soft.

5) Face Cloth 
Really been enjoying clean my face with the pink face cloth. Made my face so soft and shinny. I can tell when I use it & massage it into my face I felt the most relax. I bought it in one hundred yen shop in Japan, but keep it mind that recently they sold out everywhere.

1) Navy Corduroy Jacket
I mix this jacket a lots for my everyday & go out outfit. So easy to mix & match, the material is really good for the price and also it's perfect for fall weather here in Japan. This jacket is from Forever21
& super affordable.

2) Levis Jeans
Wear it almost everyday, love the cut so much. It's high waist and the color is easy to mix. Bought it at Urban Outfitters in New York.
Pretty pricy but for the quality I think it's so worth it.

3) Slip On Sandals/Mules
I promise I wear it with every single outfit in September. That's how much I love it and make the outfit so put together. Surprisingly I can not find any of black simple slip on sandals in Japan. I found this on Target in New York for super affordable. The fit & size is so perfect. I love all about it.

1) Ray Ban Round Sunglasses
Dreaming for this sunglass since last year and since they're pricy I bought the dupe from Forever21, but know I finally bought the real one for use it forever. Already in love before I bought it and more in love after I bought it & use it.

2)Hoop Earrings
The trend is back, but actually I never had & wear them until this September. I just spontaneously bought it for really cheep and ever since that I love it so much. And wear it every time I went out. This one is from Retro Girl.

3)Whole Food Tote Bag
This bag is a dream tote bag. I want something that I can use it everyday and it said New York City at the same time, so I can always remember about my NYC trip. Found it in Whole food which is my favorite grocery shop ever. Felt so lucky and so happy. Recently I love to bring a small shoulder bag + this tote bag. Fill the necessary things in a small bag and put others in my tote bag.

That's is it for my "September Favorite" , I hope you enjoy it and informative if you want to try it. Also let me know if you like my favorite post. Thank you.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Transitional Pieces

In this fall, what I'm loving to do with my outfit ? I'll try to make my summer outfit more wearable in fall weather. 
If you ask my sister she's now that I wear this "Levis Jeans" a lot this fall. As you may know I bought it in New York and then back home wear it for almost everyday. That's how much I love it. The waist is high which my favorite. The wash is super light blue, which is new for my wardrobe but found out easy to mix & match. I definitely will wear it in winter too, to make winter outfit more bright.
Next is my trusty "Navy Corduroy Jacket" which I bought it on sale for really cheep. I can proudly say that I am glad I found it. Because I wear it a lot and mix it with summer blouse or t-shirt, still look put together & dreamy for fall outfit. Also it's pretty warm when we have cold fall weather. I can tell that I can wear this jacket and layer it with winter coat to make it winter appropriate.
The last "Fall Transitional Pieces" is the "Slip On Sandals" that I got it in Target. So affordable for a shoes/sandals. I know this type of shoes is really out there right now, there so many of them in the market. The price also in lots of arrangement. But I can say that this shoes make all kind of outfit look put together & classic. That's why I love to wear it so much right now. Slip on shoes cover almost all the fingers part of the feet that makes fall appropriate shoes. I guess you need one in your wardrobe for this fall too :)

In this picture, I mix all my "Fall Transitional Pieces" with "Red Blouse" from Korean Market. The color of red similar with "Autumn Leaves" so I think it's perfect for transitional pieces. But you can mix it with whatever summer top that you have in your wardrobe. It is short sleeve because if you have fall weather in your country you may know, that in fall sometimes we have cold kind of day and some times we have hot day in afternoon but a little bit of chilly in morning & night. So to make it works put short sleeves top but don' forget to leave home with a jacket. That's how I put together fall outfit. especially in transitional seasons.

Outfit Details:
Top: Korean Market
(Something similar from ASOS)
Jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Levis
Slip on: Target
(Something similar from ASOS & Forever 21)
Bag: Forever21
Sunglass: Ray Ban
Earrings: Retro Girl
(Something similar from Forever 21)
Watch: Casio

Let me know what your favorite 
transitional pieces in your wardrobe :)


Sunday, October 8, 2017

My October Goals

I had this post idea from Kate La Vie, She's really inspired me for photograph, lifestyle, blogpost & also for other things too. Basically I want to set my goals for every month to make myself more productive & organize. 
I am personally sometimes so organize & sometimes I am super lazy for doing everything. So it's depend on my mood.
So my (1st) goal is being organize everyday, even tho when I am so lazy I need to kick my self to do it. Because usually after I did it, I felt good & glad that I did it. So this time I want to make myself to do it more & consistence on organizing what I need to do.
(2nd) goal is I want to being consistence for my blog post. I just want to take it more seriously, since it is my passion to share what I love. So for you who read my blog if you have any blog post idea that you want to see or read, please kindly let me know. It mean so much for me.
(3rd/Last) goal is eat/drink healthy. Some of you may think it's easy but in these days we have all the unhealthy snacks & lots of caffein drink that bad for your health but sometimes you can't live without it. Long story short basically I want to live my life more healthier. Drink water more, eat healthy snacks (like fruits, seaweed & etc) for future myself. I just thought that I need to start healthy lifestyle right now, when I am still young so I don't regret it when I am more older. So if you have recommendation for healthy snacks please let me know too :)

For this month I make a deep point about consistency, that make me "HAPPY"in the end of the day. I think we need to set the goals to make ourself productive & also fun to do it. even tho sometimes I am being lazy, I hope this goals will kick myself in a good way & make me feels good inside & out.

Have nice day :)


Friday, September 29, 2017

My New York City Trip Diary

🌼DAY 1🌼
My second time to New York City.
New York is the city that always made me go back again & again.
The city of fashion, multi culture, greenery, & love.
I just see all the connection between me & NYC
Fashion always been my passion.
I studied International Culture in UNI, 
I was raised in an Island full of culture & I love culture.
I born in Island full of green and nature, 
already love greenery since I was born.
Love is the the basic ingredient in life 

everyone start everything with love.

Here's one of my important diary in my life.
Arrived in Newark Airport & ready to go to the city :)
Always love the city view.
All the staff so nice, affordable for a good location hotel.
The lovely room
Even the small thing looks so cool
First stop Times Square
Crowded but fun for once in a life time.

🌼DAY 2🌼
The station that we used every single day.
Next stop the ultimate places to go...
The Statue Of Liberty
The World Trade Center
Sending Prayer
Soho looking so cool, antique & vintage kind of vibe for me.
Also this is the place for you who love shopping.
They have lots of shop in here.
Another city view that effortless but cool.
Chipotle is our favorite restaurant there.
If you visit USA you need to try it.
Trust me, it's so delicious.
High Line for nice afternoon walk.
Lunch/Dinner in Chelsea Market always a good decision,
because you can choose from lots kind of food there.
The Washington Square Park
Just Chill & looking for fresh air.

🌼DAY 3🌼
Central Park in the morning.
Cloudy but still good.
Looking around in this big greenery in the middle of the city.
Yummy bagel for breakfast
Eggs with Cheese & Eggs with Bacon
Strawberry Fields
The MET (Metropolitan) Museum
Tiffany & CO.
5th AV
The River Park Restaurant for "fancy" kind of dinner
Let me introduce him.
He is my boyfriend & he is my travel partner.
All the food & drinks was so good.
It's  a little bit pricy than usual restaurant but it's so worth it.
Highly recommended.
Me & my salad hehe...
♡Night time view♡

🌼DAY 4🌼
The Empire State Building
This lemonade with raspberry was so good.
And I almost drink it every single day.
Breakfast before go for long bridge walk
The Brooklyn Bridge
Can't hide the excitement.
"Dream Big"
The Manhattan Bridge
Pizza for lunch
This is a "SMALL" size and this big.
Juliana's Pizza open from many many years ago.
BBQ sandwich with mash potato for dinner.

🌼DAY 5 (Last Day)🌼
Accidentally met Consulate of Indonesia 
and just feel the Indonesian vibe in NYC.
Ready for picnic in central park
Wake up in the morning and did grocery shopping at Whole Food.
We have all we need :)
Unexpected thing just happened.
Before he is my boyfriend and now he is my fiancé.
So surprise & happy about everything that happened.
I want to thank him with all the thoughtful things he do.
We're just so emotional before we took this pic, and then 
we're turn it into this silly because we're still can't believe it.
Pumpkin for Halloween 
I just say "YES"
Still can't believe it ...
That is all for my trip.
We're just back home the next day.
I am so thankful for all of it.
Still can move on from the city vibe of NYC
Hopely going back again someday.
Thank you for all the good memory New York City.