Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's Next !

Jacket & Top: Vintage, Jeans: ZARA, Bag: INOBUN, Shoes: CONVERSE

I'm looking forward what should I do next? I just had a little family trip a few month ago, and I realize what I want it right now! you know sometimes you had a hard time, and everything that you think and image just not going right as what you imagine. Moreover, people just make it more complicated and you lost you mind for a while. That's happen to me recently and made me pretty dissapointed about everything around me.
But now, I just realize I have SUPER family who supports me 100% whenever I need it. The most important thing is everyone around me sometimes just pass by and never stop and come back, but I don't need to go backward. What I need is just go straight to my future and every step and move that I make gonna be connect me to something better than now.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Tokyo City

Tokyo ! The middle of Japan and the busiest city ever. Went to Tokyo and  met my bestfriend since I was in Bali. Super happy to met her after 5 years. Just had nostalgic time with her. We used to catching crab on the river near her house in Bali. Lots of super fun and hilarious memories. never can't forget about all those memories.
In the middle of city, I just realized how small I am. need to learn more to make myself bigger enough and to make my feet stand still everywhere I go.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spring Vibe

Sweater: vintage, Coat & Shoes & Bag : no brand, Shorts: TopShop, Shawl: INOBUN

 It's already going to be summer now, but never forget the spring vibe ! I love summer which is the seasons that makes me want to stay at beach everyday. however spring come along first which is makes me super happy cause I can run away from winter haha
This castle called Fushmi Momoya castle. I went here for the first time with my drive. Actually this is my first drive after I got Japanese driver license. which is a little bit scary but super fun. what I love to do in spring go to anywhere that I never go. new experiences is the most important things in life. spring mean you can start your new life or you can start new step for new challenge. Everyone need new day or new seasons for new step.



Friday, June 13, 2014

Fashion Cantata

                         Dress: forever21,Cardigan: vintage, Bag: vintage, shoes: Marui

I've been so bad as a blogger lately. Not posting any blog for this past few month.
First, lately I don't have a time to sit in front of my computer, second, I just found my computer not working so when I want to post blog my computer just start freeze. And finally now I can post smoothly! 
Hello June ! I can't believe it's already six months after New Years. Time goes so fast! 3weeks ago I have a opportunity to attended to fashion cantata feat Chloe fashion show  in Kyoto. It is the fashion event for the purpose of sending traditional outfitting culture of Kyoto to the world. The location was really traditional cause they use one of popular temple in Kyoto called  Daikakuji. They're mixing traditional and modern texture for the fashion show. They made the modern outfits from japanese traditional kimono fabric which is super cool and super creative. I'm very happy got this opportunity.