Friday, June 13, 2014

Fashion Cantata

                         Dress: forever21,Cardigan: vintage, Bag: vintage, shoes: Marui

I've been so bad as a blogger lately. Not posting any blog for this past few month.
First, lately I don't have a time to sit in front of my computer, second, I just found my computer not working so when I want to post blog my computer just start freeze. And finally now I can post smoothly! 
Hello June ! I can't believe it's already six months after New Years. Time goes so fast! 3weeks ago I have a opportunity to attended to fashion cantata feat Chloe fashion show  in Kyoto. It is the fashion event for the purpose of sending traditional outfitting culture of Kyoto to the world. The location was really traditional cause they use one of popular temple in Kyoto called  Daikakuji. They're mixing traditional and modern texture for the fashion show. They made the modern outfits from japanese traditional kimono fabric which is super cool and super creative. I'm very happy got this opportunity.


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