Monday, February 25, 2013

NY Fashion Week

Omg so in love with this one piece (dress) actually I'm in love with the pattern ♡
One more dresses from NY Fashion Week that I'm really obsessed ☆
I love the cut and the pattern of this dress. It's really simple dress, look like 70's dress and also look really vintage that's why I like it.
 This look is really summery look, and stripes pattern all over it also I love the blue color.
don't forget to add stripes to your look this year :)
This is Miley Cyrus look in NY Fashion Week 2013 that I think really really cute with the Mickey Mouse crop top and wine red, white stripes skirt ♡

All the looks are from Marc Jacob in NY Fashion Week 2013.Which is one of my 
favorite brand.
 So someday I really love to go to NY Fashion Week, see and also feel the atmosphere of the Fashion Week

xoxo, Yudira

Friday, February 22, 2013

Unforgetable Week

I got unforgetable week in Toronto and NYC ^^
 I had so much fun in this trip with my bestfriend. This trip happen because of her idea so thanks to Yui. I met lots of new people in Toronto and they all so so kind to us. Actually Toronto not so cold than I thought which is so good, the transportation was pretty convenience and the most important thing is all the people was really kind :)
 Last destination was NYC which is really powerful city for me ! lots of shopping and walking ...
The weather was really nice and the city was really energetic. If you stay in NYC you can't stay without shopping haha lots of good shop there but one thing that I can say is all stuff pretty expensive in NYC !! But even you not buy anything there it Ok cause It's more than enough to see the ennergy of the city. I just already miss NYC ♡
and allready thinking to go back :D
how's your week ?

xoxo, Yudira

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunshine ♡

I took this pic yesterday. The weather so nice, warm and cozy :)
I'm secretly in love with oversize coat. And this is my favorite one ! My great-grandma got me this coat like one year ago, it's oversize which is I love and it's so so warm. I think you can just wear short sleeves with this coat and BAMM It's still warm in winter. 
Tomorrow, I'm gonna leave Japan for a week for spring trip to Canada and New york.
So see you in the next post :)

xoxo, Yudira

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Headband & Bow

Headband & Bow: American Apparel
 Recently, I got this headband and bow in American Apparel  when I went to shopping with my bestfriends. And now I'm totaly obsessed XD 
 So maybe I'm gonna buy different color or pattern...  I really want to bring my hair accessories to Canada and New York trip but you know It's still winter there. You know what ?! The temperature is like - 20 degrees celcius! Isn't that crazy ??? So I choose to bring my bennie hat which is more warm. 
 I just want to share what my favorite thing right now :) so comment and let me know what your favorite thing.
xoxo, Yudira 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rain Mood

sweater: Vintage, shorts: no brand, coat: The Emporium, bag: Vintage, boots: Hunter
Photographer: Kazuko Majima

I took this pic today and as you can see it's a rainy day :) Sometimes I hate rain but today I'm in rain mood! Just take a walk around park near my house with my lovely mom Lovely Time. Felt comfy with my Hunter boots and warm sweater made by great-grandma. now I just arrived in my house and prepare to go to work huh ... But I'm so Happy today because last week I had pretty hard week and this week I feel more calm and relax :D
Hope you all had a good Monday:)

xoxo, Yudira

Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Trip !

  Hi...hi... It's been a while since my last post sorry about that. I just finish all my exams today and I'm so exited for spring breaks !! I'm officially in spring breaks from tomorrow and I have a lot of fun plan this year :) One of the plan is Spring Trip everybody yeah ... sorry about my high mood but I'm really really exited about this trip. Because this is my first time going to Canada, Toronto and New York !! I can't believe I can go to two country in one trip. I think this is my biggest trip in my life.
 And now I just thinking about packing all clothes that I need. so I know it's really cold in Canada and New York because it's still winter there. 
I decided to make this pic and I think this style probably gonna be my style in Canada and New York.
 My image for Canada it's more like sweater, turtle neck, boots and beanie hat. just something warm to cover my skin. actually I'm thinking to bring ski wear hmmm...
And my image for New York it's more like something stylist and fashionable.
but if you have been to Canada Or New York please give me some advised about the weather, food, shop etc!!

xoxo, Yudira