Saturday, April 27, 2013

Black Spring

Leather Jacket: Vintage, Peplum Top: H&M, Bag: Gallerie, Boots: No Brand

Long time no see....  Hi everyone, I just took a walk with my sister around park and you know what all flowers in park are so so beautiful. It's just remind me that spring and summer are around the corner. OMG can't wait ... But summer please be nice to me! 
It's spring now in Japan but I don't know why, I just in the mood to wear something black which is absolutely not spring fashion but yeah whatever.....I just want to wear something that I love :)
oh yeah I almost forget that I have a new look. Actually I cut my hair yesterday hehe
Now my head just feel really easy. I just love it so much
Happy Suturday *)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Go Tiger

T-shirt: Hanjiro, Jeans: ZARA, cardigan: Vintage, Jacket: Vintage, Bag: INOBUN, Watch: Swatch, Ring: No Brand

Hallo everyone. how's your week ? I've been really busy for school works and I don't have much time to have fun with all my friends even with myself too....
anyways, I'm a college student. So mostly I'm wearing casual clothes when I'm going to college. This are my clothing item for college, school or just in day time T-shirt, comfrt Jeans and oversize Jacket with Snickers or ankle Boots. that's it and you can feel comfy all day event you have busy schedule :)
I have one item that I really obsess about.. Basicly just a T-shirt but they put in Tiger print with cute bow and make it perfect.
Tell me one item that you obsess about?


Friday, April 12, 2013


The New Icons H&M Spring 2013

Have you seen The new H&M icon ?? If not, you have to... All the models are really inspired me. But I really love the look from Liu Wen It's really mix and match, the look have feminine side and boyish side It's not too feminine and not too boyish I think the look is so perfect for hanging out or even for party. And you know what I love the theme for all outfit. 
Hey, I have a question who's your Icons ? I think Icons are the people who have inspired you from their style and personality.
Don't forget to tell me *)



Sweater: Vintage, Jeans: UniQlo, Accessories: Forever21, Gallerie, Free people, Watch: Swatch

How you doing everyone ? I been pretty busy this week, my spring holiday it's over and my class just started and just a lot of thing going on this week ...... pretty tired but I have a lot of thing to do .....  just go for my dream don't give up. Today, It's Friday yeah I just finished my dinner date with old high school best friend. we're last met 4 month ago so I was really exited to met her. had such a fun Friday Night, we're talked a lot, eat a lot and we're already planing to go to next restaurant haha actually she's my Soulmate. How's your Friday Night?
Hope you all have a good Friday


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fam Time

T-shirt: No Brand, Short: H&M, Jacket: Vintage, Bag: INOBUN, Boots: ABC Mart

Today, I'm gonna introduce my lovely family but actually my dad it's not here cause he's work in BALI now. So I'm gonna introduce my lovely mother and sister. I love my family so much cause they can be Bestfriends sometimes, I can talk anything to them. This just one of our quality time in holiday. Take a walk everywhere, shopping or just window shopping, having a lunch or dinner, having a tea time and actually we're talk a lot. Omg I forget sometimes we're fight too !
recently, the weather was really warm and sunny. I love it so much. finally spring style gonna work, so I'm so exited to mix and match colorful thing for spring and summer.
Can't wait :)


Monday, April 1, 2013

Roxy Dare Yourself

Hi everyone! This is a contest that ROXY announced recently. Basically this contest for all girls around the world who dare yourself and dream big. 5 girls will win an opportunity to take an adventure with Roxy athletes. I'm in this contest so that's why I post it. And now I need help from you all to vote me in this contest. click here for the link. 
Thank You :)