Thursday, April 18, 2013

Go Tiger

T-shirt: Hanjiro, Jeans: ZARA, cardigan: Vintage, Jacket: Vintage, Bag: INOBUN, Watch: Swatch, Ring: No Brand

Hallo everyone. how's your week ? I've been really busy for school works and I don't have much time to have fun with all my friends even with myself too....
anyways, I'm a college student. So mostly I'm wearing casual clothes when I'm going to college. This are my clothing item for college, school or just in day time T-shirt, comfrt Jeans and oversize Jacket with Snickers or ankle Boots. that's it and you can feel comfy all day event you have busy schedule :)
I have one item that I really obsess about.. Basicly just a T-shirt but they put in Tiger print with cute bow and make it perfect.
Tell me one item that you obsess about?


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