Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mix Friends

Aoyama Wahono Romadoni Akira (The photographer)
Natalia Hakamada
Top: Trifted, Shorts: Forever21, Bag: Dior, Sandals: AEON Mall, Accessories: Forever21

Back with the good quality photos cause recently I hangout with one of my friends that really talented  at camera and he just help to take a pic for my blog. His name is Aoyama Wahono Romadoni Akira, actually he is mix Indonesia  and Japan too like me. The mix makes us become a friend. One more friend that I met, her name is Natalia Hakamada, and she also mix Indonesia and Japan too. we're met at Facebook at mix community. It is really crazy that I can met people that really related to me in Japan. I'm super duper happy that I can't met people like Akira and Natalia. If you interested with this two of my friends, you should check out their Facebook.

I'm wearing china dress kind of shirt that I got in my local thrift shop, which I really love the pattern and the texture of it. I think really summery. Also, I really love to matching up with the shorts and the Dior bag cause it makes the outfit look casual but still chic at the same time. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

colorful's day

Hat: H&M, Top: Thrift shop KINJI, Skirt: Forever21, shoes: NIKE, Bag: no brand

Over three month of fighting with my future, finally I have some free time to do what I love ! Fashion is all time favorite for me cause you can express yourself and your feeling that day without say anything. I used to wearing earth colors like beige, white, black and gray which I still love. But then after time goes by I start love something color full, unique and something that maybe not everyone favorites. I love cover up something tight with something loose which I show you in this pic. I'm wearing tight skirt with floral pattern T-shirt that I got in one of my favorite thrift shop in Japan which is located in Kyoto and I know they have some stores in Osaka too. To cover up my tight skirt I'm wearing oversize button up denim shirt. If you love something but a little bit scary to try something, don't be afraid to try something new. And believe in yourself.