Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mix Friends

Aoyama Wahono Romadoni Akira (The photographer)
Natalia Hakamada
Top: Trifted, Shorts: Forever21, Bag: Dior, Sandals: AEON Mall, Accessories: Forever21

Back with the good quality photos cause recently I hangout with one of my friends that really talented  at camera and he just help to take a pic for my blog. His name is Aoyama Wahono Romadoni Akira, actually he is mix Indonesia  and Japan too like me. The mix makes us become a friend. One more friend that I met, her name is Natalia Hakamada, and she also mix Indonesia and Japan too. we're met at Facebook at mix community. It is really crazy that I can met people that really related to me in Japan. I'm super duper happy that I can't met people like Akira and Natalia. If you interested with this two of my friends, you should check out their Facebook.

I'm wearing china dress kind of shirt that I got in my local thrift shop, which I really love the pattern and the texture of it. I think really summery. Also, I really love to matching up with the shorts and the Dior bag cause it makes the outfit look casual but still chic at the same time. 

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