Friday, November 6, 2015

Leather Mood

Leather jacket & Dress & Scarf: Vintage, Shoes: Marui, Bag: no brand

 Love love the red dress for make fall and winter more colorful. Plus the combination with my trusty leather jacket that i bought many years ago. Leather jacket never go out of style and everyone need at least one. since, I bought it at the thrift store, I just thought that it's not going to be last really long but as you can see, it's still in a nice shape and the leather still clean and shine as same as the day I bought it. Also, I bought the unique red dress patherns that caught my eyes at the same thrift shop too.
Some people hated thrift shop or second hand store or recycle shop, but lots of people love it. I think because we can get it some of unique pieces with pretty cheep price. I'm personally really love second hand clothing store and always searching for new places to go. I can say that is one of my hobby to digging to the thrift shop.
If you interested but never try to go to thrift shop, you should try it once and then you can decided love it or not. Try to go to the places near you house cause it might more cheeper and unique stuff more.


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