Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sunny Day

The weather is getting colder in Japan right now, and also we have lot of rainy day this fall. So when I just look around all summer photos, I really want to go back to Summer where I can wear shorts and T-shirt and I am good to go...
Family time / sister time miss all those time. Everyone just busy with their stuff and I work too.But always try to make time for family and friends cause this is my last year as student and I want to enjoy all that I can do as student.
Since I love traveling a lot, planning for more travel next year as a graduation travel as we say in Japan. 

 Since it is not much of sunny day on fall I need sunny day like this and have more energy to go out and just chill at the park. Maybe I need more week in one month. Anyway my fluffy T-shirt is from ZARA, shorts are from thrift shop, necklace is from FreePeople, and shoes are from Japanese department store called DAIMARU.



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