Friday, March 9, 2018

25 Things I've Learned in 25 Years

Today is my birthday! I'm turning 25.
Still can't believe it...
Today's blog post actually inspired from "Karlie Kloss" youtube video!!
So I will tell you 25 things I've learned in 25 years.

1. Family is no one supporter in your up's & down's life.
2. My mom thought me olive your life with no regret every single day.
3. Follow what you like is the best step to be happy.
4. Thankful for all the youtube & blogger out there that
    made me to do something that I inspired.
5. If someone make you unhappy, find someone that make you  
    happy and surround yourself with positivity.
6. Thankful for good music out there.
7. Language made me grow bigger & wiser.
8. Traveling are the best way to learn about life.
9. My passion on fashion & traveling are the most important roots.
10. BALI & KYOTO always in my heart.
11. Mom's advised always the best.
12. Everytime you fall, you will get up.
13. Trying something new are scary at first but it will get's better later.
14. Wear colorful things while you can.
15. Communication is the best way to solve everything.
16. Sleep early & wake up early sounds good.
17. It's okay to be different than other people cause that's make you UNIQUE.
18. You can learn lot's of things from outside of school (Education Are Everywhere).
19. As long as something positive, try it all.
20. Love Yourself!
21. Manicure sound to be more fun.
22. Fashion are the most powerful things to express yourself without speaking.
23. Everyone are different and that's okay.
24. Food always makes me happy (especially Balinese Food).
25. I was born & raised as an "Island Girl" and it will never change.

And I'm sure that I still have so much to learn...

Have a nice day :)

Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Goals

・Use phone less and change it to read a book or something else.
・Do more wedding preparation.
・Think more about what I really want to do with this life.
・Explore fashion more and learn about styling.
・In February I did to much thinking about everything alone,
    so I want to change it. If I start think about something, 
    I will try to share it with someone else that I trust. 
    That way I had others opinion, and not make me overthink.
・Make disagreement easy to talk and not make it anger.
・Stay calm about everything, breath first and then think about it.
・Saving as you can.
・Treat yourself once a while.
・Write/note everything.
    It makes lots different than just think about it.
・Be kind to everyone.
・Still learning but forget about everything that make you unhappy.

 This is looks like my yearly goals but I set this goals every month,
because it's important to remembering it every month. This month also my birthday month so I want to complish my goals as much as I can and be better at it. Lots of blog post coming up soon.
Let me know what's your goals/plan for this month?