Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fall / Winter OOTD

 Takuya's Coat: nobrand, Shirt / Sweater / Jeans & Scarf: UniQlo, Bag: WOmB, Sneakers: New Balance.
 My Coat: nobrand, Sweter dress:  GU, bag & shoes: nobrand, Scarf: INOBUN.

  It's been a while from my last post, I'm so sorry about that. I've been so lazy and busy with school assaigment this last few month. Finally, I am in the mood to go back to my blog and you know what? I have special guest this time. He is my bestfriend and my boyfriend too. Double BF. I personally really love his fashion so I thought why not to post my BF ootd :)
My sweater dress actually recomended by him. It's a gray and yellow gradiation sweater dress from gu which is pretty popular brand in Japan. The material is so soft and warm. The weather is getting cold and cold everyday. Even It's really cold in winter I hope ya'll have a warm day with someone you love.
Have a good day :)


Friday, October 25, 2013

I wish

Top: Vintage, Shorts: H&M, Bag: Chistian Dior, shoes: no brand

 I wish I can go back to the weather where I can wear short without tights and short sleeve or tank top and then go to relax at the beach, because this year I don't really had a time for relaxing at the beach which is my all time favorite place. This is actually my very last summer look this year. The weather kind of turning to winter right now!
The things is I still love fall season, cause you know the feeling when you see all the leafs changing there're colors It' so beautiful. And of course lovin fall fashion and colors. I can leave my house everyday without my favorite sweater, cause fall and winter means everyday is sweater weather right ?! even it's not sweater weather I love sweather so much. Sweater is the comfiest and the warmest thing ever. next post gonna be come really soon.
Hope ya'll have a good weekend

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Night Light

Blouse: Forever21, Shorts+Bag+Shoes+jewelry: Vintage
Winter is coming really soon. Can't believe September gonna be over in this view days. Lot's of things happen this month, met lots of new people that really inspire me. Night light in my favorite park is the best way to find inspiration. Wearing favorites top,shorts,bag&shoes in your closet is the happiest things ever. clothes represent your characteristic, mood in that day and your personality. So start your day wearing your favorite clothes with a good mood and the end of the day you gonna feel it's a good day.
Have a nice weekend :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

40s Vibe


 Shirt: Forever21, Shorts: Jumblestore, Cardigan: Vintage, Bag: Coach vintage, Accessories: my mom's & grand ma's
Burgundy color is such a perfect color for fall and makes every outfit turn to classic and elegant. I got my lovely vintage coach bag in thrift shop which is less expensive. I really love the design just remind me like 40s. Lots of high wested, gold jewelry and vintage purse at 40's. I woke up, just an ordinary day and felt 40s vibe so decided to make my ootd a little bit of vintage and kind of old but still have a modern color.
What's your ootd?


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kind of Bohemian


 Shirt & Skirt: H&M, Bag: no brand, Boots: Dr. Martens

 Omg! It's been so long since my last post. sorry about that... I have so much to do last month. Still can't believe that August already over. But I love September weather which is really nice and I can feel fall is coming! anyways, my Yesterday outfit for hangout with my sister and my mom(my favorite girls). One of my absolutely favorite item for fall is Boots and this one is my new favorite cause I just got it 3 days ago after waiting fo almost 3 weeks. Well this is my First doc martens and I'm in love. yesterday, I just woke up and felt kind of boho (bohemian) day which is currently my favorite style. So I went to my closet trying to find clothes that matching with my feeling and wa-la- the high low skirt make it perfect. Just made my Sunday.


Sunday, August 25, 2013



Random Thing that I'm obsess right now ! First, stones ring, indian ish bracelets and untique earrings. This things really make day. Second, My bicycle it's just an ordinary bicycle but the comfiest bicycle this over 5 years. Hope he'll stay strong hehe... Third, I meet this pink peach soda today which is super YummY. I'm already thinking to go back to get that yumminess again. And last but not least my obsession with photography which I never thought this gonna be one of my obsession. but I'm currently still trying to learn a little bit. Hopefully I can do better.
Have a nice Sunday :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rainbow Girl

Tshirt: Relarobe, Shorts: No brand, Jewelry: Forever21 & Vintage, Bag: Vintage Christian Dior, Sandals: Bershk

When sky is sad cloudy but you feels Rainbow! It's all about my western print shorts which I adore. Actually I got it at random store that I never go, but the store was really lovely. It's a small store in Kyoto, They're kind of western store cause I just found that they have lots of wertern pattern clothers and accessories. What I love about the store is the lady at the store was really kind to me and the prize not too expensive. And you know what ?! This shorts just so comfy, I love the western pattern and the color on it. Just makes me feel Happy:)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome August

 Tank shirt: vintage, Skinny jeans: UniQlo, Bag: ZARA, Flat shoes: Forever21
 Hi everyone! long time no see. Pretty busy this past few weeks which is makes me little bit stressfull. However, I've done my exam and everything so I can do my things, hangout with bestfriends and just have a relax day which is I need it the most right now. Today's just kind of relax day with my mom and I can say it's a HOT day! But whatever I can still enjoy my day. The outfit that i'm wearing it's pretty simple but I love my flower print tank shirt. I got it at one of my favorite thrift shop in Kyoto a few months ago. I love all the bright color on it cause it's summer so it's make perfect. Hope you all have a fun summer vacation and stay tune for my next post soon :)



Saturday, July 20, 2013

Festival Fever

I'm wearing TopShop dress, my mom Vintage bag and Bershk sandals
 Hi everyone long time no see. maybe this gonna be last post in July cause exam waiting me for next two weeks! ow gosh I'm really stressful right now... But this something that we have to deal with as a university student, right ? So I'll do my best.
I was wearing this outfit a week ago, when I went to Gion Festival which is one of the most popular festival in Japan. I love the pattern of my dress. There're a lot of animals and the color is really bright. It's perfect for all kind of summer festival. I got this dress on sale at Topshop which really good. Cause I know Topshop kind of expensive and sometimes I found something that I really want it there, but after I checked the price tag! fastly, I went to other shops where I can find something that similar. However, if you going to Topshop you better check out the sale sections, cause sometimes they have really huge discount. one more thing, don't forget to bring your student card, cause you gonna get discount. But the student card discount is not include the sale clothes. This is a little bit tips for you. So hope you get a luck.

Happy Sunday :)