Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome August

 Tank shirt: vintage, Skinny jeans: UniQlo, Bag: ZARA, Flat shoes: Forever21
 Hi everyone! long time no see. Pretty busy this past few weeks which is makes me little bit stressfull. However, I've done my exam and everything so I can do my things, hangout with bestfriends and just have a relax day which is I need it the most right now. Today's just kind of relax day with my mom and I can say it's a HOT day! But whatever I can still enjoy my day. The outfit that i'm wearing it's pretty simple but I love my flower print tank shirt. I got it at one of my favorite thrift shop in Kyoto a few months ago. I love all the bright color on it cause it's summer so it's make perfect. Hope you all have a fun summer vacation and stay tune for my next post soon :)



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