Friday, October 25, 2013

I wish

Top: Vintage, Shorts: H&M, Bag: Chistian Dior, shoes: no brand

 I wish I can go back to the weather where I can wear short without tights and short sleeve or tank top and then go to relax at the beach, because this year I don't really had a time for relaxing at the beach which is my all time favorite place. This is actually my very last summer look this year. The weather kind of turning to winter right now!
The things is I still love fall season, cause you know the feeling when you see all the leafs changing there're colors It' so beautiful. And of course lovin fall fashion and colors. I can leave my house everyday without my favorite sweater, cause fall and winter means everyday is sweater weather right ?! even it's not sweater weather I love sweather so much. Sweater is the comfiest and the warmest thing ever. next post gonna be come really soon.
Hope ya'll have a good weekend


  1. You look so beautiful sist.. your post was interested for read.. you make a theme fasion for every weather.. I like you photo when you wear brown shirt in the park so natural.. I can make you relax and enjoy the sunset or cycling at the beach... so gonna be come to bali soon yud... xoxoxo.. I'm waiting you soon here.. *tewe* ^.^

    1. Tewe thank you for your comment and feed :)
      I am really wanting to go to Bali and just relaxing with you eating rujak again....
      How is your work in Lombok ? I miss you so much :(


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