Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spring Vibe

Sweater: vintage, Coat & Shoes & Bag : no brand, Shorts: TopShop, Shawl: INOBUN

 It's already going to be summer now, but never forget the spring vibe ! I love summer which is the seasons that makes me want to stay at beach everyday. however spring come along first which is makes me super happy cause I can run away from winter haha
This castle called Fushmi Momoya castle. I went here for the first time with my drive. Actually this is my first drive after I got Japanese driver license. which is a little bit scary but super fun. what I love to do in spring go to anywhere that I never go. new experiences is the most important things in life. spring mean you can start your new life or you can start new step for new challenge. Everyone need new day or new seasons for new step.



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