Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Silky Shirt // SOTD

It's might be the last time I saw beautiful blooming cosmos flowers before we hit winter in Japan. Went to cosmos flowers field in early October, the weather still nice even tho in the morning & night it's already a little bit chilly. That day just decided to wear something comfy but still put together & kind of keep me warm when the weather change. I had this "Silky Shirt" for such a long time, and can't remember when I bought it. But when you touch it you will feel the silky material, that so soft in the skin and a little bit cold touch when you start to wear it. It's a little bit cold when the silk  touch your skin but the silk material it's quite warm material, once you wear it. Like I said I had the shirt for years but I recently love to wear it again. Sometimes you need to shopping at your closet and you might find something good inside your closet. This style is simple, casual & effortless. But I think it's still put together and the red lip make every outfit good. it's just perfect for fall weather. If I layer it up I think I can wear it in winter too. So right now I'm just looking for silky fashion item everywhere I go. If you have any recommendation for silky fashion item, please let me know. By the way SOTD comes from"Style Of The Day", I guess there will more SOTD blog post from me.
Here's the outfit details, all the things kind of old so if I can't find it I will find something similar and link it bellow.

Outfit Detail:
Silky Shirt: Forever21
(Something similar from H&M)
Navy Jeans: Sens of the place
(Something similar from H&M)
Shoes: AEON
(Something similar from ASOS)
Shoulder Bag: Lattice
(Something similar from Forever21)
Tote Bag: Whole Food
(They don't sale it online so here's from Forever21)
Red Little Scarf: Thrifted
(Something similar from H&M)
Sunglass: Ray Ban
Earrings: H&M
(Something similar from H&M)
Necklace: Vintage from Paris
(Something similar from H&M)
Watch: Casio




  1. I love everything in this post! your outfit, the flowers and your happy face :)


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