Wednesday, October 18, 2017

September Favorites

I know it's already mid October, but I just want it to still post about my September Favorite. Because I had quite view stuff to show you what I've been like to use. I have beauty, fashion, & accessories stuff to show you. This things for beauty stuff I wear it for every single day. For the fashion & accessories stuff I use it wherever I had  a chance to go out from home. So let me explain what I like about it. See the details bellow. Also in this post I only put the specific picture of the product & clothes, but if you want it to see picture that I wear it check out my INSTAGRAM.

1) Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
This cleanser is really good. I bought a travel size so it's already empty right now. I definitely want it to go back and buy it again & again. So recommended & make my face so soft. 

2) Embryolisse
This moisturizer is from France. And this is recommended by Valeria from Youtube. It smell so so good. And can use for baby and men too, so you know it safe for every skin type.

3) Glossier Super Bounce Serum
It is good for dry skin and I can tell that the serum immediately shooting into my skin. wear it everyday & almost hit the bottom. Unfortunetly they don't ship to Japan yet, so I need to switch with something else and wait until they ship to Japan to buy it again.

4) Tree Hut Sea Sugar Scrub
Bought it in local super market that had contract with Walmart from USA. So they had a little corner of USA product. This is natural sugar scrub with Brazilian Nuts in it. Smell so sweet & like caramel. I use it once a week or in a special occasion. Made my skin smell good & soft.

5) Face Cloth 
Really been enjoying clean my face with the pink face cloth. Made my face so soft and shinny. I can tell when I use it & massage it into my face I felt the most relax. I bought it in one hundred yen shop in Japan, but keep it mind that recently they sold out everywhere.

1) Navy Corduroy Jacket
I mix this jacket a lots for my everyday & go out outfit. So easy to mix & match, the material is really good for the price and also it's perfect for fall weather here in Japan. This jacket is from Forever21
& super affordable.

2) Levis Jeans
Wear it almost everyday, love the cut so much. It's high waist and the color is easy to mix. Bought it at Urban Outfitters in New York.
Pretty pricy but for the quality I think it's so worth it.

3) Slip On Sandals/Mules
I promise I wear it with every single outfit in September. That's how much I love it and make the outfit so put together. Surprisingly I can not find any of black simple slip on sandals in Japan. I found this on Target in New York for super affordable. The fit & size is so perfect. I love all about it.

1) Ray Ban Round Sunglasses
Dreaming for this sunglass since last year and since they're pricy I bought the dupe from Forever21, but know I finally bought the real one for use it forever. Already in love before I bought it and more in love after I bought it & use it.

2)Hoop Earrings
The trend is back, but actually I never had & wear them until this September. I just spontaneously bought it for really cheep and ever since that I love it so much. And wear it every time I went out. This one is from Retro Girl.

3)Whole Food Tote Bag
This bag is a dream tote bag. I want something that I can use it everyday and it said New York City at the same time, so I can always remember about my NYC trip. Found it in Whole food which is my favorite grocery shop ever. Felt so lucky and so happy. Recently I love to bring a small shoulder bag + this tote bag. Fill the necessary things in a small bag and put others in my tote bag.

That's is it for my "September Favorite" , I hope you enjoy it and informative if you want to try it. Also let me know if you like my favorite post. Thank you.


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