Saturday, December 31, 2016

Holiday Outfit/Fashion

Dress: Lily Brown, Jacket, Bag & Scarf: Vintage, Earrings: No brand, Sneakers: Puma Suede Classic

Coat, Sweater, Scarf & Bag: Vintage, Jeans: Monki, Sneakers:Puma Suede Classic 

Coat: GU, Dress & Earrings: H&M, Choker: Lowrys Farm, Bag: Vintage, 

Hi Guys! 
Since it is holiday seasons in the world, let me introduce to you my version of holiday outfit/ fashion ideas. I keep it pretty simple and easy to move because you know when the holiday come you will eat a lot hehe....
Also, all the outfit featured it with my favorite Puma Suede Classic Sneakers which is super comfortable to walk in all day.

First Outfit, is a midi dress so you will keep warm even in the middle of winter. the dress is from Lily Brown which is my favorite store right now. So check that out. They have so many vintage kind of style which I love. I love mix the girly things with a tomboyish things. So I mix it with bomber Jacket that I thrifted. 
My point for second outfit is my coat that I thrifted not so long ago. This coat is so warm and the color is make winter brighter than usual. Because in a winter you usually pick the warmer color like black, gray, navy, etc. So I though since it is holiday seasons you need one or two color to make you more bright and happy.
The third one is one of my favorite outfit. it is really simple you just need nice printed pattern dress, a simple black coat and a red lipstick and you will good to go. 
For you guys in the cold weather like me this is perfect for you but for you guys in the tropical weather this might too hot for you, so you can always change it with not wearing a thighs & jacket, change the dress into non sleeves dress or whatever tropical print dress too. 
Fashion is all about mix & match your style with the weather or mood so explore your style and don't be shy to pull you style to the world.
Maybe you can use this kind of outfit idea for new years eve, let me know which one is your favorite outfit.

Happy New Year 
Happy Holiday



  1. I love your first outfit! The bomber jacket is so cool!
    And you look so pretty ♡

    Happy new year anyway, may you have a blessed year ahead

    1. Thank you Dias :)
      sorry for replay so late.

      I saw your blog & Insta and I love your style too...



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