Friday, November 18, 2016

Cozy Autumn/Winter Night Routine

Cozy Autumn/Winter Night Routine

Baby Oil
Face Mask

 Hi guys! This time I want to share my Fall/Winter Night time routine,This is all about my relax mood at home.I love to stay cozy during fall and winter time. cozy, keep warm and comfort are my key for my everyday nigh routing in this time of the year.

 The first thing I do when I home from work is take a shower and wash of tiredness and then put on cozy pajamas and socks. Actually I can live in pajamas and socks forever can deny the comfort.
For skin care routine, I cleans my face with baby oil and sometimes when I am feeling super dry or I need it, I use face mask too but unfortunately it is super duper rare. Because I don' t really have time for pamper myself everyday... I usually just moisturize my face and done hehe.
The next thing I do obviously eat dinner and watch Youtube or TV with my cozy blanket if I have a time. But If I don't have any time just dry my hair as quick as possible. 
During Fall and Winter time I love to make a hot drink before bed like Jasmine tea or just any regular tea with non caffein. 
And then back to my room, burn some candle that I live from Henri Bendel. Turn off the main light and sometimes reading whatever book that I currently read.
After I start work I try to sleep as early as possible but for now I am trying to sleep before 12p.m. just trying to stay healthy.

 That's kind of my everyday night routine during this cold seasons. I know it's difficult to balance between work and private time because after you work basically you don't really have time, so I want to know whats' your routine for make yourself relax after hectic work.
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