Friday, November 11, 2016

Hokkaido I Am In Love

Unkai Terrace View
Tomita Farm
Perfect refreshing view
Another lovely farm pic
Blue water pond
Unkai Terrace entrance
Inside the Gondola
On the road
Driving around
Our car for two days in Hokkaido
The view from my hotel room
MinaMina Beach
It was already 1 celsius in October.
Pumpkin Season
Welcome drink
Happy face waiting the food
Chicken Curry Soup
Chocolate banana waffles
Free coffee
Nice walk with yellow and red leafs.
Lavender Farm

Hi Guys! Last month I had nice a week break, so I thought I need some refresh trip to set my mind.
I went to Hokkaido ”TOMAMU"which is the most beautiful places I had been in Japan. 
The nature though soo beautiful and I can take it. Truly I just thought to live here but after thinking about the snow and cold .... you know I am an "Island Girl" I can't take too much cold. So I better travel and I am sure I will go back again. Because I can get enough of this view.
 From Airport I decided to take rent can for strolling around to Tomamu. I had so much fun and I love it so much to drove around hokkaido. No traffic and event if there is any traffic in Hokkaido I can take it because wherever you go yo will see the goodness of the nature.
Also for the food lover like me, Hokkaido is perfecto. There is many variety of food you can try here.
The last pic is the view from my hotel room (Hoshino Resort Tomamu) and I am so lucky to get this  view. Also the hotel facility is super complete. you can find beach and mountain in the same place how perfect is that. Anyways this is my highlight of the Hokkaido Trip. what's yours. I love to see it.


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