Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thailand Trip

 Wat Pho Temple
 Private Boat

 Spicy Seafood
 Tom Yam

 Chocolate Banana Pancake

 Noodle soup 
 Papaya Salad

 100% Orange juice
 Wat pho temple

Thailand Traffic

 This is my second time went to travel this year. The reason why I went to so much travel is because I am going to graduate my Uni in March, so I do not want to waste time doing nothing. Since I will start work from April, I just thought I will not going to have more time like when I'm in Uni. This is so perfect time for explore the world for me. This is time I went Thailand for second time cause I went there when I was little so I almost not remember anything. This time I book the airplane ticket and hotel by myself. In this trip I felt more independent with myself and I felt really good.
 Thailand become one of my favorite country in Asia. I can find something cultural, shopping, eat lots of spicy food, lots of fresh fruits, and mostly all the Thailand people are really kind. Can not wait to come back to Thailand someday. I did lots of walking in Thailand, so if you planning go to Thailand do not forget comfy shoes. I went to Wat Pho Temple, The Imperial Palace and walking around morning and night market for hours and hours so my feet was felt like do not have energy anymore. But that was so much fun even tho really tired, it was really good experiences.
 Spicy food is my thing so I was really happy that I can eat it every day. So if you not really like spicy food you it is really difficult to find something not spicy. I wish I can go back and eat again :(
For food you have to try Tom Yam soup, Papaya salad, Spicy Seafood, Chocolate Banana pancake, 100% orang juice.



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    1. Hi!
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    1. Thank you for your comment :)
      These days everyone just busy & sometime we forget to thankful about everything.
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