Thursday, March 14, 2013


Coat: no brand, Jeans: uniqlo, Bag: vintage, Boots: no brand

 I'm ready for Hunting ! haha actually this is ready for Hunting at Thrift shop. My best friend and I just decided to shopping at Thrift shop today cause we're both love vintage clothes :) And guess what ?? I got good stuff with really nice price yeah "so HAPPY" 
 Lots of people have a bad image about Thrift shop cause it's Used clothes, dirty or whatever.
But you have to know yeah all clothes at Thrift shop it's used clothes and sometimes dirty so you can always find a good stuff and you have to take times to get one stuff that fit on you. 
That's the reason why when you find one thing at Thrift shop makes really happy.
 If you never shopping at Thrift shop maybe you should try once :) And you know what I mean .


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