Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Night

Earrings from my besfriend, Bracelet (Vintage), Hair ties (Free people& Watch (Vintage)
t-shirt (Forever21) & Leggings pants (UniQlo)
Heels (Daimaru)
 Here's a perfect outfit for saturday night which I wear today. It's still simple but the bright colors makes everything perfect. My bestfriend (Ayano) who lives in NewZealand got me the pink earrings for my birthday and I love it so much . Big thanks for Ayano and I miss u :)
I also love This wolf t-shirt which I got in NYC a few months ago. The very First trip to NYC. So much fun. For me, if Saturday night comes It means I can have fun and feel free to choose crazy outfit, And ofcourse I can not forget to wear bright lipstick.
Happy Saturday Night




  1. oh i love your look, so pretty! i'm glad u liked the earrings :) miss u too yudira.

  2. Thank you Ayano :) I miss you too how are you now?


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