Saturday, June 29, 2013

Completely Summer


 It's been pretty hot in Japan ... Completely Summer everybody ! Summer come that's mean a lot of fun thing will be come yeah ... summer holiday, beach day, fireworks, festival etc. OMG I'm already exited hehe
A few of my bestfriends and I just already did fireworks after school, so much fun and we're make surprised one of our bestfriend "Takaomi" cause that day was his Birthday he's turn 20th :)
this weekend I went out with my lovely mommy, if you see on a pic she's really cute. She's turn back to her childhood haha...
ow, my gray T-shirt that have stripes and polkadot pattern It's my go to summer T-shirt from UniQlo. I got it a few weeks ago and i love it so much.
Have a nice weekend :)

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