Sunday, June 9, 2013

Here I Am

Jacket: Vintage, Tshirt: No brand, skirt: H&M, jewelry: Free people, H&M, Vintage, Watch: Swatch.

Hi everyone... Long time no see! I really sorry that I'm not post anything in a while. I've been strict schedule this few weeks so I don't have time to doin my blog. But today I was hangout with a few of my bestfriends so I thought I'm gonna show what I wear to you guys.. Actually I thing it's already summer in Japan cause the temperature is really hottt! Ok, my obsession right now is just a plainTshirt like what I wear on pic. Today, I wear orange one but I have little collections of plain Tshirt. Hehe.. Ow and one more thing my military jacket it's my all time favorite :) so what your obsession right know ??
                                                                       Happy Sunday :)

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