Friday, June 21, 2013



Shirt: Vintage, Short: No brand, Cardigan: No brand, Bag: Vintage, shoes: Crocs,
This is my adventure last week with my bestfriends (INPA) .... We're took to many photo last week I just can't decided which one to post. So today's post is full of photo of my friends and I hehe.. please excuse us ^^
We're went to Eigamura where is the place that usually use for making Japanese movie. We're so excited and had so much fun there ... actually lots of Ninja & Samurai there ups.. just kidding ! we did lots of crazy things just felt like turn back to our childhood.
Anyway I was wear really comfy clothes, cause It's summer in Japan and the bad thing that day was rainy so I didn't want wear something that not make me comfortable right ....
I just love the shirt that I wear in pic. cause it's really colorful and It's perfect for summer time. Glad I got it in thrift shop !
ow, one more fav thing is my bag. i got it in thrift shop too ... the price was reall cheap and event I got it in thrift shop It's still like brand new. oo my gosh, now I know how much I love thrift shop hehe
Don't forget to tell me your adventure :)
Happy Friday ♡










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