Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014


Hallo 2014 ! first of all, maybe it!s a little bit late but we can sharing good memories everyday. well, Uni it's about to start and exams just following after that.... Busy day just in front of me. The point is I'm still in new year vibe. I just thought 2013 was really fast with strong and deep memories. It's not in a bad meaning but in a good meaning. cause I met lots of new places, new friends, Inspiring people, and I just got so much love in 2013. these are some pic that I took in 2013. just some of it cause too much pic (lots of memories) and I can't put all of it.
2014 just start lots of resulution for this year. One of my resulution is to not lazy bloging and trying to bloging as much as I can. oh.. one more resulution I want to discover somethings new from myself. It's not mean to change myself but trying to make bad things into a good things of myself. Maybe it's dificult to understand but what I'm trying to say is just trying to be a better person everyday.
          Have Good New year 2014!

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