Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hometown / BALI


Oh Hello ! The special things that happened on last month 2013. Actually I went to my the other hometown which is BALI (paradise Island). This trip was really accidentally happen because of my grand ma. I'm so happy that I can feel the air where I was born even just for three days. After two years I can't visit this place. So thankfull for my grand ma. I just really miss Balinese food so badly. We're finally decided to ate Babi Guling, Nasi Padang & Rujak after all the tight schedules was done. First time that I thought about when I was arrive there, that everything is change from the airport, bypass, mall, people and more. But one thing, familly and bestfriends never gonna change.  It was really happy trip but on the other side it was sad trip because my grand ma pass away and I don't have a to go to beach which is one of my favorite place in Bali. Anywas, I hope my grand ma have a good place there and for sure I'm gonna go back next time.

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