Monday, January 1, 2018

2018! Resolution

Happy New Year 2018!
It's been a while to post a blog.....
I've been busy with my new work, 
new environment so I'm still figuring out everything.
I hope you all having fun, cheerful & grateful new year!

So since it is a "New Year" I thought It would be perfect to start 2018 blog,
with my resolution, everything that I want to achieve or change in my life.
①I want it to be a better person inside & out than last year.
②I want it to be more productive in my day off, because last year 
   I quite lazy to go out of home so I thing I need more balancing
   work life/ home life / hangout life.
③I know it's a little bit difficult to me right now to post a blog once a week, 
 but it is still my resolution for every year.
④Hopely travel domestic & international more.
⑤I want it to trying not think to much about long future & 
   just living my life right now.
⑥Plan a wedding also my resolution for 2018, I hope it will went well.
⑦The middle of 2017 I found that self love is the most important thing, 
    so I want to repeatedly to do self love for myself in 2018!
⑧Enjoy fashion more and want it to experience so much new things in fashion.
⑨I want to make more time to stay & hangout with family/
   the person that I love & just appreciate all about them.
Last, want it to enjoy, thankful & grateful every single day. 
So the next day when I woke up I have no regret & just start my new day :)

That's all my resolution for 2018!
Wishing all the people in the world the best.


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