Friday, January 12, 2018

Ready To Rock A Wide Pants

Before, I never wear wide pants or trousers because I don't like the look on me. For some reasons I just feels it not suit me at all & it don't look cool on me. But after I tried this one from Lois Crayon, I quite like it. First, they have really unique design on this pants the tuck on the front makes it so different than other ones. Second, the color is gray and burn orange on the stripe lines are so perfect. Third, I can even tell you how comfy it is. If you compare it with skinny jeans, this one is way to comfy that makes me don't want to go back to skinny jeans anymore LOL. The point is you can dress it up & dress it down if you have the right wide pants. Anyways I just want to tell you that my perspective about wide pants change so much. one of my tips if you want to wear any kind of wide pants, wear something more tighter on the top so you balance the wide on bottom. Hope it helps for you guys that a little bit not sure about wide pants like me before.

Outfit Detail:
Tops: Lowrys Farm
Wide Pants: Lois Crayon
Sneakers: Puma Suede Classic
Earrings: No Brand
Necklace: Paris Church


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