Thursday, January 18, 2018

Momonga Coat For Survive Winter

Every winter seasons this coat always saved me. I called it "Momonga Coat" cause it's just really like momonga (LOL).
If you followed me for long time, you might already know that I born and raised until the age of 15 in BALI, Indonesia. Which is "The Tropical" country. So the first year in Japan, I really struggle with the winter season in here. Especially Kyoto is pretty cold than other state in Kansai area. I really tried hard to get use to it, and I already better to get use to the winter weather. But still I need warm cozy clothing to support me to get over the winter season every year.
This coat actually sent to me from my great grand mother sister, she so fashionable when it comes to fashion. At first I just don't now if I can pull the outfit with this coat, but after I wear it at first time I just realized this coat were so warm, so big,  so cozy, and makes any outfit so cool & unique. The color is so perfect to match with my clothes in my closet. The length also so perfect to keeps me warm. Material wise wool, acrylic, and polyester so I guess the wool makes this coat two times warmer than other coat so I can survive. So thankful to my great grandma sister to got this coat for me, I can imagine to survive winter without this coat anymore. Already had it for more than 5 years now and the condition still perfect. This is my must have coat for "Winter" season. 
For those of you who lives in winter country, hope you survive it well. Let me know what yours must have in fashion for survive winter :)

Outfit Details:
Coat: Genece
Sweater: Rafaella Petites
(Thrifted in Kyoto)
Jeans: Monki
Bag: Allure The Leather work
Boots: Esperanza Ginza Japan
Earrings: Local Indian Shop 


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