Friday, August 18, 2017

My Go To Floral Overall // Feat AL Bag

Outfit Detail:
Overall: Thrifted at Three Star Kyoto
T-shirt: No brand
 (you can wear with any white t-shirt)
Bag: AL
(a brand from Thailand)
Sandals: bought it at Vietnam Market
Sunglass: No brand 
(something similar with RayBan)
Earnings: Indian store in Kyoto
Watch: Casio
Olive Bracelet: Shodoshima Olive Park
Necklace: both from H&M

Basically, before I met this beautiful overall, 
I never thought it will suite me.
Because they're overalls and it will show my body line 
and blah blah....
But After I find this one, I'am so in love and can't stop wearing it.
It is classic pieces that I can wear it for years, 
and I am an outfit repeater anyways.
So please forgive me if I wear it in repeat hehe....
The floral pattern and the silhouette of this overalls is so perfect, 
I am not gonna lie it's make me look more taller and look good.

I think everyone need a perfect overall, 
I know it will take years to find it.
I do the same thing, in my 24 years life this is "the first time" 
I found the perfect one.
So don't give up to dig all the thrift shop or
 local shop near you, that my kind of tips.
I found it at my local thrift shop when I am not even think 
about overall.
So there is lots of chance to find the perfect one 
as long as you don't give up.

Also can we take a minute to talk about 
my beautiful/favorite AL bag.
I bought it in Thailand when I went to graduation trip last year.
already use it for more than a year and 
already repeat it in my blog for many times.
The leather not scratch at all still in a perfect condition 
as when I bought it a year ago.
I can use it with any kind of style, and 
make all the outfit look classy.
Supper recommended it is a little bit pricey tho, 
but I promise it's so worth it.
Even now I just still looking forward to get other colors 
from their collection.
I know they have new collection so if you love it,
 just check out their link bellow.
Facebook: AL (ALLURE)

Hope you enjoy 
leave a comment if you have any post idea,
that you want to see :)



  1. Ahhh i wish i could pull this off :( i cant wear long jumpsuit cause im too short lol

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I know it's difficult to find overall or jumpsuit.
      But if you find the one that you really like it,
      you can get tailor so it fit your body type :)


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