Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Short Trip to Kanazawa

Kanazawa is the city full of coolness. 
The park, cafes, shops, foods, people, etc are so cool 
so friendly and kind.
This is my first time and I love it so much.
The hotel I went call Hotel Pacific Kanazawa
all the staff really kind and friendly,
the room so chic and clean. 
also in 1st floor they had a little cafe that so cute & classic.
felt like I was somewhere in Europe, even tho I'm not hehe...
The location was so good,
close with the places that I wanted to visit, 
like Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Park, 
Omi Market & lots of shopping district.

The greenery in this city are so insanely beautiful 
and full around the city.
I was lived in Bali where a lots of nature there 
so I felt so miss the green and this city made me felt relax.

For my outfit in this trip, I suppose to have two outfit of the day 
but unfortunately I forgot to to take the outfit in last day.
So this time I will go for one outfit and 
hopefully you enjoy the beautiful city of Kanazawa picture.
Outfit detail:
・Top: Thrifted from Small Change Shop in Kyoto.
・Bottom: from DHOLIC a Korean brand.
・Bag: Shoulder bag from Lattice, Tot Bag from INOBUN.
・Accessories: earrings: Brazilian flea market, Watch: CASIO.
・Sandals: No brand, it's from Vietnam market.
・lipstick: NYX in Copenhagen.

If you have any question, about Japan or maybe fashion,
please leave comment down bellow.


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