Friday, September 22, 2017

Pick Up "Glossier" // NYC Showroom

Made a purchase for the "Glossier" product at their showroom in Soho NYC. So happy that I finally get around to Glossier showroom. First able the staff there was so nice and friendly. 
I already now what I want to get because I already saw lot's of their product from their website and youtube. But I want to make sure my purchase after I try it.
Here we are my pick up from Glossier. I only bought two product, because I don't want to waste my money to buy product that I don't really need right now. So I end it up came out the showroom with ①Glossier Serum "Super Bounce" and ②Glossier Stretch Concealer in "Medium". Also, I got the sample size of Milky Jelly Cleanser that everyone talk about.

My kind of Review for the product :
①Glossier Serum "Super Bounce"
Good Things:
-moisturize the skin 
-for super dry skin maybe better to use the "Super Glow"

Bad Things:
-little amount of product

②Glossier Stretch Concealer in "Medium"
Good Things:
-the color is perfect for me
-even out the skin tone
-good for gym or everyday when don't want to wear lots of makeup
-personally love for run some errands

Bad Things:
-low coverage

③Milky Jelly Cleanser "Sample Size"
Good Things:
-soft & gentle
-instantly know your skin feel soft

Bad Things:
-not work for remove make up

Here's if you interest and want it to try,
I have 10% off for your first purchase at "Glossier".
Just click from the link bellow:

The Enter Board of "Glossier" Showroom in NYC
Inside NYC showroom
My "Pink" bag & Glossier sticker
They also gave me the "Milky Jelly" Cleanser sample:)



  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaa kepengen glossier milky jelly cleanser itu juga gara2 recommended. Beli di online shop indo mahal bgt huhuhu sama mau glossier cloud paint juga tapi disiji harganya 5kali lipat :(

    1. hah mahal bgt kak ....
      aku beli langsung jd harga ya sesuai sama web nya glossier.
      Mending nanti kalo beli langsung dr web nya glossier aja :)

      aku dpt cb cloud pain di showroom nya bagus jg.
      trus kalo milky jelly cleanser bikin muka soft cm gak bs remove make up.


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